Estella Zorn

the stellar form of a little performer

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Nebula is on deck


Hooked On A Peelin’

Nebula is on deck


Sexpelliarmus: Part 2

Sugar & Spice

Gotham: A Tale of Two Faces

a listing of the routines

The stellar form of Estella Zorn

As a dancer, photographer, and performer, Estella Zorn exudes beauty. The depth of her art is unmatched. Each piece is heartfelt, revealing pieces of Estella's soul. She will take you on a journey, should you choose to follow with an open mind and heart.

This little shining light crash landed onto the burlesque stage right after hiding behind a camera for years. Since then she has been an array of shows, traveled the world, and brought her own nerdy passions to the stage.