DragonCon 2017

I have so much to say and this will become a bit jumbled.

DragonCon has meant so much to me since the first time I went in 2011. It started a pattern of professional growth and self-reflection that continues even now. Last year's DCon was a completely different experience with a moment of surreal euphoria as a room full of people I admired, loved, and trusted 100% cheered and praised me for a performance I did earlier in the night.

However; this year meat being around that same group of people marked the most stressful and lowest I felt at Con. It's strange what one year can do to your life. I know many of you have watched me struggle through a lot without complete explanation of what all happened. Thank you for your support.

More than anything, I was overwhelmed by the care and love so many gave to me while at the con. Dear friends allowed me to be their roommate, despite the insanity of me wearing so many costumes over the four days. I joined in group cosplays with people I met through the amazing Themyscara group on Facebook. I cosplayed characters near and dear to my heart. I became a Amazon Sentinel for a night to help sisters out while at the con. I was a member of three different panels, sharing my knowledge and skills the best I know how. I definitely had moments of Imposter Syndrome on each panel.... why the heck was I up there speaking as if I was as qualified as the other people. But I quickly checked myself and realised that, even though I do not have the same skill sets or credentials, I brought a unique set of skills and a variety of credentials to each group.

It’s a bit official - I love being a part of panels and workshops.

I am finally going to apply to be an attending professional for next year.

This is year also marked the last year of my involvement with the Glamour Geek Revue. I had been part of the show since 2011, first photographing and then performing. My heart is still so raw and broken by what all happened in the community... and I can’t allow myself to continue to suffer through a passion because of the people attached it. I learned the awkward and hard way that I’ve lost more people who I thought were friends/allies in person at the show and one party. I don’t know if I am numb to it all or if I half-expect it from people in the Atlanta community. I know their actions do not speak for everyone, but they are defining and paramount as to why I can’t continue. I’m sure some will scoff and be happy to know they drove me from the scene. I know others are sad I left, but have expressly stated their understanding of my choice. Ladies (and gents) - you know who you are - thank you for your love and care. I miss you and the stage so very much. Thank you for the 7 years of exploration and growth.

I was finally able to be a part of so many photoshoots. The last couple of years I’ve attended with multiple costumes and was never able to get solid photos of my work. Especially last year where I wore 13 different costumes. This year I was determined to not let that happen again. So much time and dedication goes into bringing something from pages and screen out into the physical world. I cannot thank all the photographers enough for their time, attention, energy, and care. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all made me feel valued and special even when there was a preverbal sea of costumes to shoot.

For my HA friends - I’m sorry it took me leaving to see how much you all truly mean to me. I’m so glad I ran into many of you and spent a much time as I could with you all. I wish I could have seen more of you and spent more time. I promise I’m coming to visit just you soon. You all really are the embodiment of so many of the heroes we cherish. You keep me on my toes to be better personally, professionally, and creatively. I’m lucky to have you all in my life. DragonCon seems to be a celebration of that friendship.

I know there were dramatic moments, down moments, intensity, and gossip - but none of that remotely begins to detract from the amazing memories and overall positivity of those few days. I’m still physically sore from all the walking, photoshoots, some dancing, and overall insanity. I love this convention.

It was worth it.

Till next year - stay Nerdy with me.