The Root.

I am safe.

It's a basic sentence it is hard to comprehend. I spent many years pressuring myself to conform to the standards that are hard for me to maintain. I try and try to meet expectations of society enough myself and it's taking me a long time to realize I don't fit that mold.

I left Atlanta because I was no longer safe. I was no longer healthy and I was no longer happy. Though I have friends there people that I love and care about more than I can explain, I could not stay. I was not safe because I could not be for filled in a place that held so much history so much turmoil and so much anger. I went back to my roots I went back to where I grew up. I went back to the small town where I was born and raise and that's where I've been recuperating. I've been trying to force myself to squeeze out a thesis when I couldn't even keep myself floating. I was trying to schedule how I could heal schedule how long I could heal and schedule when I could say I was a success. But that is not how life works you have to let it flow. I have to dig your roots in somewhere and you have to start growing from the ground up not with branches not with leaves not with Women's but with the roots.